Associate Professor Adnan Nagrial

Medical Oncologist

Modern Cancer Care

A diagnosis of cancer always has a huge impact on a person and his/her family and friends. It is vital that you take the time to get all the information about your treatment options right at the beginning. A multidisciplinary team is a critical part of cancer care. Adnan Nagrial participates in 4 multidisciplinary team meetings a week and works closely with surgeons, radiation oncologists and other cancer physicians and nurses to ensure that your treatment plan has incorporated all the appropriate options.


Clinical trials are a vital way to identify new, better or safer treatments. It is important to carefully consider trial options right at the beginning of the treatment journey as that is when the most options are often available. Adnan participates in trials for both gastrointestinal and lung cancers. He works with his colleagues at Westmead and Blacktown Hospitals where they run one of the busiest trial units in Australia and have particular expertise with immunotherapy including the first ever use of Keytruda.